Virtual Cocktail Making Classes

Bartender in a virtual cocktail making class

Virtual Cocktail Classes

Are you looking for a fun night with a few delightful cocktails and some new tricks up your sleeve? Because we have got you covered. Making that perfect and balanced cocktail can get a bit tricky. Our virtual cocktail making class helps you learn how to make that perfect mix of cocktail every time everywhere. Besides, you also get to learn some incredible cocktail skills and hear our tips for that perfect shake and pour.

Virtual Cocktail Classes

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Our Zoom Cocktail Classes

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Learn How To Make Great Cocktails

They say that the best way to know your taste of cocktail is by making them. So, our virtual cocktail making class is just what you need to enhance your taste in cocktails. Perfect for every celebration , virtual classes help you to learn about your favorite cocktail while having fun with family. Most importantly, you can get together virtually on zoom with your friends and family and have great fun together

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You Can Still Have Fun Online

We at Spin and shake believe that the fun should never stop. Therefore, our virtual cocktail class is a must-have to keep that fun pouring in while still maintaining social distancing. Additionally, you also get the opportunity to learn some of our flair tricks while you learn making your cocktails.

Virtual Cocktail Experiance

Let's get our heads spinning with Spin and Shake's virtual cocktail making class!

Have you been missing out on some of the more social events? Are you looking for something to satisfy your party mode while still maintaining the new restrictions?

Our virtual cocktail classes are a fun and exclusive way to enjoy with your family and friends at home. We offer the best zoom virtual class experience where you learn the art of making cocktails together with your people. Our professional and highly trained bartenders will help you discover the secret of making that perfect cocktail every time. Most importantly ,we can even send over some cocktail shakers and a list of ingredients to get you going.
We have a variety of packages of different budgets for you to choose from. So, get in touch with us and try our virtual partying till the restriction lasts.

Bartender hosting a zoom cocktail class

Join the best virtual cocktail making with your friend or colleagues

Are you missing out on those nights at the club where you would enjoy some delicious cocktails? We can’t get you to the club, but we can surely make the club come to your place. Our cocktail class are a perfect substitute to help you revive those incredible evenings and have the time of your life. With virtual class you can learn exciting tricks and mixing techniques along with learning the art of cocktail mixing. So, you can totally impress your friends and family the next time you meet them. Because , all we want is to see our customers enjoy a perfect get together and have a good time. So, book your slot right away and let the fun, magic and creativity begin.