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Top 5 Tips To Become A Mixologist

how to become a mixologist

Top 5 Tips To Become A Mixologist

Learning mixology and becoming a good mixologist is not challenging as it sounds. Mixology is a skill, and it requires practice, knowledge, and patience. If you like mixing drinks and creating amazing cocktails, you can start your career as a bartender to hire and become an expert at it easily with practice and a proper understanding of the nuances of mixology. 

If you want to become a mixologist but are not sure how to get started, then follow the easy methods explained in this article. Here, I have shared 5 tips to become a mixologist. Becoming a mixology expert is not so difficult, but it’s not a cakewalk either. 

You can become an expert at mixology by learning cocktail recipes, practicing, and learning from experienced mixologists. You don’t need to have any formal education to start your career in mixology. But it’s important to have some creativity, great customer service skills, and knowledge about different recipes and ingredients.

Here are five tips for becoming an expert mixologist. 

1. Start Working as a bar back in a cocktail bar

You can start your career as a bar back in a cocktail bar. Starting as a bar back doesn’t require experience, just the willingness to work hard. You can join a cocktail bar as a bar back and learn about cocktails and mixology with an experienced bartender. 

The work of a bar back is to assist the bartender and take care of the manual work behind the bar. Watch the bartender carefully when he is making cocktails and learn about the popular ingredients. Look for a bartender who wants to share his knowledge and start a conversation in his free time. Also, offer help to bartenders and in return, you can learn from them a lot of things. You can learn about different cocktail recipes and ingredients in this job. This is what we would suggest starting to do if you wanted to be hired as a mixologist or working for mixologist hire agencies for events.

2. Consider taking a bartender course

Taking a course will make it easy to become a mixologist. It will save you a lot of time, so it’s good to invest in a course from a good instructor. Online or offline mixology courses can teach you easy and popular cocktail recipes and advanced mixology. Taking a mixology course is an easy way to learn advanced level mixology and you can become a beginner to advanced level mixologist in a short period.

3. Learn Cocktail recipes

Learning cocktail recipes is a must if you want to learn mixology. Start learning about popular cocktail recipes and ingredients like bitters and syrups and how they can change the taste of your drinks. You don’t need to learn a lot of cocktail recipes, but you should learn about the 10 basic cocktails and some popular recipes like negroni and gimlet. This can help you enhance your skills in mixology.

4. Take advice from experienced mixologists

Many experienced mixologists share unique and amazing cocktail recipes online. You can start learning from people who already have a lot of experience in this field. You can take advice and learn recipes from them and then practice different recipes with your own creativity. Start following experienced people on social media and observe their techniques and recipes. Many experienced mixologists share tricks and new ideas online. 

If you are a beginner, then following experienced mixologists can definitely help you learn faster!

5. Work Hard, Play Hard

Learning expert-level mixology requires hard work and patience. Just start learning and practicing as much as you can. 

With practice and hard work, you can become an expert at mixology in very little time. Follow and keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Mixology is an art, and you can improve your skills just by practicing and playing with different ingredients and flavours. Stay up to date with the trending flavour profiles and ingredients.  

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Wrapping Up

Becoming an expert-level mixologist is not a straightforward task. But if you work hard and learn with patience, then you will definitely become a good mixologist in a very short period. You can start by learning different cocktails and practicing with them. Learn popular recipes and get advice from expert people. And investing in a course is a plus. It will help you a lot in learning mixology fast.

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