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The 4 Pezzi Shaker from Innovative Bar Tools by Bruno Vanzan

4 pezzi shaker

The 4 Pezzi Shaker from Innovative Bar Tools by Bruno Vanzan

We are all aware of the Parisian shaker and its three-part components of the main shaker body, a strainer, and a cap. Now, this does do the job for a lot of cocktails and is effective for a lot of drinks. However, as soon as you start using muddled fruits and your lemon or lime juices, you need to whip out you’re fine strainer, which just takes a tiny bit longer. However, Bruno decided to create this new innovative bar tool which eliminates the middleman and creates a much more efficient shaker. It is called the “4pezzi” or the 4-piece as it containers one extra little surprise.

The 4 Pezzi Cocktail Shaker

The “4pezzi” is equipped with a colander that allows the user to create a fine strain separation of solid parts such as fruit or ice and much more, making the cocktail clear and free of organic substances. This innovative bar tool creates an all-in-one Parisian shaker and a fine strainer, so you no longer have to waste time with your fine strainer, and instead, you can be concentrating on getting something else ready whilst you pour out your first drink. The strainer is fixed on the upper part through a screw mechanism that allows the movement of the and on the shaker not to block the liquid inside. It’s handmade with stainless steel in Italy, so you know it’s professional. Due to its high-quality materials, it allows the shaker to even be washed in dishwashers, so saving you even more time. When you purchase one of the “4pezzi,” you also receive a cloth included in your package to wipe down your precious, innovative bar tools.


Bruno Vanzan’s Innovative Bar tools

As well as his incredible cocktail shaker set the “4pezzi,” Bruno Vanzan has also created an innovative bar spoon that has three different attachments, allowing you to again have more tools in one. The three attachments are a fork, muddler, and mini jigger which can be quickly fixed on the top to make the best drinks. With the “4pezzi” and the bar spoon, you will be able to have a lot of your bar equipment ready, with only two items in your possession. That is what Bruno Vanzan is striving for; simplicity is something that is an art. You shouldn’t have to have your bar clogged up with endless amounts of items when you can just be like Bruno Vanzan and begin your bartending journey with these two incredible and innovative bar tools.

Bruno vanzan posing for a shooting on tv

His Amazing Career

Bruno Vanzan once started off simply in a small bar on the outskirts of Rome and look where he is now. So, a man like this would want everyone else to experience the success and joy he has throughout his life. With these innovative bar tools, he has brought the style and elegance right into your hands so that you will be able to perform behind your bar with relative ease and speed with these new tools and cocktail shakers. Bruno Vanzan has worked in some of the best bars in the world, has performed on the biggest stages for flair competitions and cocktail competitions alike, and feels that the tools he has made are the best quality for people to use behind their own bar. This is why his innovative bar tools should be in your bar and why don’t you start your bartending journey with the help of one of the greatest bartenders in the world.

Bruno Vanzan and his life

Who is Bruno Vanzan? There are three words that come to mind when describing the great Bruno Vanzan; determination, tenacity, and practice. Three words can describe anyone who is destined for success. These characteristics that Vanzan possesses have allowed him to go from the tables of a bar on the outskirts of Rome to one of the top bartenders in the world. He has been able to learn and master the right techniques to make him an amazing flair performer and mixologist. He dedicated his time and patience to learning specific training courses and the basics of what will inevitably make him the best he can be. With years of study and exercise at many different bars around the world, it has led to his advanced talent expanding and causing his success in many competitions. In 2006, he began participating in flair competitions and by 2008, he had already won his first world champion title for Bacardi and Martini.
His fight for the best continues with his endless traveling and working in America, Asia, and Africa, perfecting his technique so much that he was mentioned in the 2010 best 10 bartenders in the world: a prestigious and honorable mention for anyone. In 2012, he began his television career alongside Benedetta Parodi in the culinary program I menù di, Benedetta. In 2014, he moved to Sky and two years later, founded and created the program Cocktail House. In the meantime, he became vice world champion of the WFA and in 2016, he won the award for the best cocktail at the IBA World Championship; and true victory, and a high point for Bruno Vanzan. In 2017, he continued on television and landed and the culinary program La Prova del Cuoco, as a specialist conducted by Antonella Cleric. A year later, he brought cocktails on TV in a VIP episode of the Italian reality show, Grande Fratello, to show off to the world his skills, and the culture of the Italian aperitif which he travels the world to help export.
The past few years have seen Bruno Vanzan participate and lead numerous world-class activities. The latest venture was his largest where he and his team, whilst in Dubai, managed to make 10,000 cocktails in 45 minutes. He also managed to make two exclusive cocktails for the airline Emirates. Furthermore, in March 2019, Bruno launched his first alcoholic brand, Iovem, a product that has received a lot of praise and recognition; even winning itself the title of “alcoholic product of the year” at the Bargiornale Bar Awards. With a total of over 200,000 followers on social media, Bruno Vanzan is the most popular barman in Europe, and soon the world.


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