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PM Boris Johnson allows Christmas Parties

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PM Boris Johnson allows Christmas Parties

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that people do not have to cancel Christmas parties or school nativity plays for 2021. This was after the health chief Dr Jenny Harries encouraged Britons to reduce social contact. Those planning on having a holiday celebration are also free to get mobile bar hire services for their event. You can get a mobile bar for hire in London so you can have a party even without going to public places.

Harries, chief executive of the UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said that everyone could keep themselves safe by reducing the amount of social contact they have during the holidays. Not socialising when they don’t particularly need to is the key.

On the other hand, the PM said that a package of balanced and proportionate measures had already been put in place to respond to the threat of the new Omicron variant.

Johnson said that they don’t want people to cancel these events and that the best thing for kids is to be at school. He reassured everyone that the Government is taking the necessary actions to respond accordingly to the threat of the virus and are focusing on measures to protect the country at the borders.

It is to be noted that Christmas last year was largely celebrated indoors, and many people are now afraid to go back into lockdown.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid confirmed that there are no plans to prevent any Christmas gatherings this year. He said that people should continue to behave the way they were planning to on Christmas. There shouldn’t be any change in their plans, he added.

how to find affordable mobile bar for hire online

However, Javid urged people to continue to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions against the spread of the virus. He said this in light of the change in season; as days become darker and colder because of winter, flu and viruses tend to be more active.

An official at the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that it might take several weeks before scientists can really know the true impact of the new strain of the virus. They said this after mentioning that current vaccines did not show any sign of a reduction in their efficacy against the new variant.

Javid advised anyone planning to go to a party to take a Covid-19 test. These include using lateral flow testing kits, which are available on the Government’s website. They should also stick to the measures that have been recently introduced by the Government to fight the spread of the virus.

The measures include the compulsory face masks on public transport. The contacts of those recently infected with the Omicron variant have to self-isolate for ten days even if they are vaccinated.

All arrivals in the UK must take a PCR test within two days and should be isolated until they have received the result. The Government also announced a significant extension of the Covid booster roll-out and are now encouraging everyone over the age of 18 years to get the shot.

Guidelines on Christmas Parties

Pay attention to the venue in which the party will be held. See if it has good ventilation with open windows, doors, and outside space. This will allow for better air circulation.

See how many people are also attending the party. Check if there is a requirement for a negative Covid test before attending. According to the PM, it pays to be extra careful. If you have tested positive prior to the event, ask yourself if you have enough time to isolate yourself before the party.

Some other things to consider when holding a party is the food in the venue. If you want something that will make it easy for you to host it, then getting a mobile bar for hire is a great option.

These are bartenders who can go to your party. Since these are companies who rent out their services and products, you can even choose what type of drinks they can serve at your party.

Dr Harries said that vaccines appear to be taking effect against the new variant, but if it proves to be more highly transmissible, it could still be something that can make a significant impact on hospitals’ capacity to accommodate patients.

Christmas Plans No Longer Delayed

According to the latest data, 88 per cent of people 12 years old and above in the UK have received at least one shot of the vaccine, and many of them are now eligible for a booster. But there is also a large number of them who remain unvaccinated.

This is why many doctors and university professors urge them to get vaccinated or get the booster shot if they are eligible. Getting the vaccine or a booster is the most important thing you can do to protect your family and friends, they said.

Aside from getting the shot, health experts also encourage people to continue to take the recommended precautions. These include proper ventilation, thorough washing and sanitising, and lateral flow tests. These are important, especially if you have people around you that are more vulnerable than you are.

Working from Home

While Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have advised people to work from home, the UK is taking on a different view for England. Johnson said that the Government does not think it is necessary. There is a line of measures put in place to deal with the delta strain of the virus, and as the vaccines are rolled out, statistics show that they are working.

According to them, the issue with the Omicron variant can be handled at the border in addition to the introduction of face coverings in some settings.

Convenience for Your Parties

If you have your office or house party set in place and need something to make it stand out, getting a mobile bar for hire in London is the key. This will enable you to enjoy the party and get served great drinks throughout the night.

Reach out to us at Spin and Shake for a mobile cocktail bar service, and we will help make your party a success. We have professional bartenders and mixologists that you can hire to make drinks for you all night.

We are not a traditional and typical bar hire catering service, which is why you will be pleasantly surprised at the many options you can get. We know that this year’s celebrations will be extra important to you, which is why we will do our best to make it the most memorable yet with the best mobile cocktail bar.

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