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It’s the New Year, many are hungover from a wonderful Christmas and New Year and as many corporate staff reluctantly drag themselves back into the workplace, being motivated for optimum output can be a challenge. So what does a corporate manager do to perk up the motivation of staff to get them back on track with work? One tried and tested motivational method to inject some morale back into the workforce is by planning some corporate events. Below are 5 corporate event ideas that have been tried and tested by companies around world that have proven to deliver great morale for staff.

  1. Movies at an outdoor cinema

With the recent explosion of online streaming sites that have infiltrated our homes, many people have lost the good old tradition of a visit to the movies. So what better way to have your team members come out to an outdoor cinema venue for some greatly missed interaction? These events help shake off the indoor misery to re-introduce your staff to the much needed group bonding experience. 


  1. A quiz at the local pub

If a quiz night at the pub can work for David Brent at the “Office” then it will definitely work for you too! Even this “master entertainer” managed to raise some teamwork spirit in his quiz night, why? Because these are traditionally great fun nights for all to gather around and enjoy a beer, some natter and some good spirited competition. Quiz nights are actually a great way of encouraging teamwork since the contestants require full participation of all their team members to help them win on the night. And with this competing spirit comes a lot if discussion and resolve, which is a central part of any professional team building activity. 

  1. Local pub not so local? No problem, bring the party in-house with a mobile cocktail bar

This is similar in concept to the pub night. Organise a special evening for your employees to let their hair down after a hard day’s work. Let your staff look forward to a night of dance and mingling. But is it not easier to go to your local bar in London in terms of organising the drinks, you may ask? Well fortunately not. You can manage all the fun in-house and bring the party to you by hiring a mobile cocktail bar. That’s right, portable bar hire is becoming a thing now and you can surprise your guests with a fantastic, professional set up. The whole set up can become an attraction of its own; you get to hire a professionally trained bartender who will woo and dazzle your guests with their Spin and Shake skills. The best thing about the whole set up is that it’s a fairly creative way of impressing your guests since the concept of mobile bar hire is fairly unsaturated. It’ll give your employees plenty to talk about in the coming weeks and months to raise their morale and interaction.

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  1. Comedy Night 

This is a tried and tested event that has been used by corporates for a very long time. You can even regard this as a bit of a tradition among most corporates. The concept of a comedy night is simple, but yet very effective; gather your employees together in the one place where they can relieve their anxieties and stress through laughter. There’s nothing better than sharing happy moments with others and a good comedy night provides exactly that. The flow of booze, some corny jokes and some cheeky heckling all come together as great talking points for your employees the next day and for the days and weeks to come. 

  • Cocktail Making Classes

You can learn how to mix and shake delicious cocktails with our expert bartenders with your team & colleagues with a cocktail making class. This is a fun and interactive activity which is highly recommended from most event organisers as it brings everyone together and give a chance to people to learn how to mix cocktails.

  1. Teach them how to cook

That’s right, why not introduce your employees to some cooking techniques and new recipes that they may not be familiar with? Organising a cooking class can be a great way for people to work together to achieve one final goal. A cooking class is an opportunity for people of varying skill levels to come together, interact and achieve their objectives in tandem. Think of the event as the “Come Dine With Me” show, but with more fun, since some cooking virgins will be present to make the event just that much more interesting. You’ll just need to make sure that the event doesn’t conclude with a food fight.


Above are just a handful of corporate event ideas to get you thinking about the various ways in which you can motivate your employees. Corporate events are a big part of cultural development of an organisation. They are a way for you to tell your employees that you care. In addition, they add newfound motivation that would otherwise will be absent. So get your HR department in action and get them organising one of the above. 

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