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Why Mobile Bars Are So Popular

Mobile Cocktail Bar | Cocktail Bar Hire

If you’ve been to a special event recently then you may have had the fun of enjoying a mobile bar service that catered all your favourite drinks. These mobile services have become hugely popular in recent years as they are customisable, convenient and a whole lot of fun. If you want to understand more about why mobile bar services have become so popular then we’ve shared the main reasons below for you to check out – take a look now!


They Can Be Designed to Suit Your Event

If you are creating a themed event or planning your perfect wedding, a mobile cocktail bar service can be designed to fit your theme. This could mean hiring a modular bar kit that can be designed to fit your exact size requirements or providing a bar team that are all dressed to suit your theme. Whatever you want to achieve in your next event, a mobile bar service can enhance the results and leave everyone feeling impressed.

Mobile Cocktail Bar | Cocktail Bar Hire

They Offer a Great Range of Drinks

If you are keen to create a special office event, choosing a mobile cocktail gives you the chance to offer your favourite drinks without any problems. At Spin & Shake we work with you to source the perfect drink ingredients for your party theme, helping all your guests to enjoy the perfect drinks all night long. We can even create a signature cocktail for your event and provide your guests with the recipe so that they can enjoy your new drink after the party has ended.

They Can Reach Any Party Destination

If you are organising an event in a hard-to reach destination then finding a bar service can be difficult unless you think outside of the box. In these instances looking for mobile cocktail bar should provide you with services that are able to transport your drinks wherever you want to enjoy them. From weddings in fields to events at home, cocktail mobile bar hire solutions are a great way to go!

They Are Very Affordable

The great thing about mobile cocktail bar hire is that as well as being fashionable and hugely popular, they are also a truly affordable solution that can work with the budget range that works for you. Simply share your budget with our bar organisers and we will tell you what we can offer for your price. You will also need to cover the hire charge and staffing cost for the evening, but even with this included, you will find that our mobile bars options are seriously competitive.

Find a Mobile Cocktail Bar Near Me

If you need the best mobile bar hire London has to offer, Spin & Shake is the ideal choice. We have a range of packages to help you decide what you want and can also provide bespoke solutions to suit your requirements. Get in touch with our team and make your mobile cocktail bar a reality at your next event. Spin and Shake also provides mobile bars in Essex, mobile bars in Bristol, mobile bars in Manchester, mobile bars in Birmingham.

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