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Where can you put a mobile bar?

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Where can you put a mobile bar?

Mobile bars are also known as portable bars and are, as the name suggests, flexible and fun. Some are pulled by a vehicle before being put in place, and others are even small enough to be transported inside a vehicle. 

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Portable bar can offer everything that a typical bar might offer – from alcohol and soft drinks to snacks and other basic food items. This blog will list just a few of the types of events and places that could benefit from a bar feature. Read on for more. 

1. Weddings

Weddings are events where serving alcoholic beverages is often a must. Although most wedding venues already have their own bars in place, some types of venues or locations that are becoming increasingly popular don’t have one. For example, if the wedding is going to be conducted in a private garden, on a beach, or in any other outdoor location, it might make perfect sense to hire bars on wheels to serve alcoholic and other beverages to your guests. A bar for hire is sure to complement any existing catering for your wedding – especially if the happy couple wants their guests to be able to toast them and wish them well with a glass of bubbly!

2. Corporate gatherings

From serious business events like meetings and conferences to more fun, team-building events like Christmas parties, there are plenty of reasons to add a portable cocktails to the proceedings. A portable bar will allow employees to unwind at special events designed for socialising. If you’re hosting an event for clients and prospective customers, a bar is a great way of demonstrating hospitality. It also means people will be less inclined to leave the venue in search of an alcoholic drink. The convenience of hiring a movable bar for your party or conference will simplify the planning process for corporate event organisers, as the company will bring everything needed on the day, from drinks to the glasses to serve them in. For a more fun and engaging corporate activity, a cocktail making class would be the perfect choice. In this way, you and your colleague can learn how to make cocktails, and also drink them while you have fun. 

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3. Birthday parties, christenings and anniversary celebrations

No event where friends and family are gathered to celebrate a special occasion is complete without high-quality drinks. Whether you want alcohol and novelty cocktails or would prefer a dry bar, a professional bar staff and a mobile bar london are certain to make a private party even more special.

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4. Fundraising events

Fundraisers can benefit from the addition of a drink service at any big event. In addition to making sure the visitors have a good time, alcohol often encourages people to be more generous than they’d otherwise be! And with the agreement of the hire company, an event service can even help with the fundraiser itself if a percentage of the profits can be donated to the good cause in question.

5. Music festival events

Alcoholic beverages are very popular at music festivals where everyone is in the frame of mind to really enjoy themselves and let their hair down, so these types of events are a perfect location for a mobile bar setup. A good mobile bar hire company will be able to give you a good idea of how much stock to order to fully equip the bar and prevent the possibility of it running out. This is especially important for music festivals that span multiple days and are active until late at night.

6. Food festivals events

Depending on the theme, tone and location, a mobile bar often makes a very welcome appearance at a food festival. After all, people who are sampling a variety of foods are bound to feel thirsty after a while. Remember, the bar doesn’t need to serve alcohol if that’s not in keeping with your event. Good companies offering mobile cocktail bar hire in London do impressive ranges of non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails, adding a touch of style to any occasion.

Whether you’re looking  mixologists to add flair to an event, check out Spin and Shake. As the leading mobile cocktail bar provider in London, we provide exclusive event services for any kind of party, celebration, or event.

Our professional staff not only mix drinks for your guests, but they’re also trained in making an active contribution to creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere at your event. We are committed to making your special occasion as enjoyable and memorable as possible for you and all your guests. You can watch videos of our bartenders in action on this website, along with in-depth descriptions of how our bartender hire services work.

If you have an event that could benefit from a mobile cocktail bar, our bartenders’ services, or would like to entertain your guests at home with an online cocktail making course, we offer it all, so don’t hesitate to contact us. You can make bookings by using the online form on our contact page, or you can give us a call on 02034883704 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions at all about our services. Get in touch with our team today to enjoy the best bartending services London has to offer.


What does mobile bar mean?

A mobile bar is exactly what it sounds like: a stocked bar (with the bartender usually included) that brings the party to wherever you are. It’s a great asset to any event in a venue that doesn’t have its own bar for your guests to enjoy. The company brings everything you need to keep your guests refreshed.

How does it work?

The company brings the bar and its contents, from alcohol and soft drinks to glasses and even those little umbrellas for cocktails, to your venue. They’ll set up, serve your guests with a smile and keep the party going till the end. You can hire an indoor or outdoor bar for your home, garden or any other venue you’ve booked.

Are mobile bars legal?

Yes, Its legal if you have the right licenses. There are few to no limitations on setting one up on your private premises. If you intend the event to take place at a booked venue, consult with the person you’re hiring it from, but generally, the company providing the bar will take care of any legal technicalities such as licences to serve alcohol.

What do you need inside a bar?

A pop up bar serving alcohol, cocktails and soft drinks will need mixers, shakers, measuring equipment, bottle toppers, muddlers, and garnishes. It will also need a means of refrigeration and blenders for cocktails, as well as beer kegs, glasses and so on.

Are mobile bars a thing?

Mobile cocktail bars are increasingly popular as more people entertain in their homes and gardens or celebrate events like weddings outdoors. They can be set up wherever they’re needed and customised to the event in question – so you can focus on soft drinks and mocktails, cocktails, beer and peanuts – any line-up you like.

How big is a mobile bar?

A stainless steel work surface, insulated sink/ice bin with drain, liquor bottle speed rail, and glass rack storage area are standard equipment on most movable bars. These units offer a wide range of sizes and configurations, with average widths ranging from 61 to 72 inches.

Reasons You Should Hire a Mobile Cocktail Bar

  • They’re so flexible. With services provided by professional bartenders, you can specify what’s served and when, leaving you free to enjoy your event.
  • They offer a wide array of drink catering packages. Depending on the kind of party and the total number of people you’ve invited, there are plenty of different packages to choose from. Alternatively, find a company that will customise a package to meet your wishes and budget. 
  • They offer hassle-free professional services. Portable bar services handle everything from serving drinks to tidying up afterwards, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll know your guests are in good hands.

The Most Important Bartender Skills and Qualities to Look For

Many mobile bar services provide one or more bartenders to deliver their services. These experts will keep your party or event running smoothly because they’ve been hired for having the following traits:

  • Good Memory

A good memory and speedy, efficient service are what you’ll get from these professionals, ensuring your guests are kept refreshed throughout your event, no matter how busy things get.

  • Calm Under Pressure

On every shift, there are so many things that can go wrong, and some of them will. A professional bartender knows to stay cool, process the problem, and react in a proper manner.

  • Friendly/Outgoing

As a staff of a portable bar, interacting with a whole range of different people will be a key aspect of the job. You can expect a bartender from a professional, established hire company to be sociable, outgoing, and courteous. They’ll know how to keep your guests happy.

There are so many different reasons why you might want to hire event service. You may want to ensure a private party goes swimmingly without any effort on your part, or you may want to impress your clients. Whatever your wishes, the good news is Spin and Shake can help you achieve your goal. Visit our website today to find out more about our amazing services!

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