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What Is A Cocktail Expert Called?

Cocktail Expert | Cocktail Bar Expert

What is a cocktail expert called? Explained

Cocktails are very popular and are the best way to enhance your guest’s experience at your event. Sometimes, you’ve probably wondered what is a cocktail expert called exactly. In this article, I am going to explain what is a cocktail expert called and some other important information regarding the same. I have also explained the difference between a bartender and a mixologist and a quick comparison between both of them. 

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Cocktail Expert | Cocktail Bar Expert

What Exactly is a Cocktail Expert Called?

A cocktail expert is a person who has studied the history of drinks, have great knowledge of ingredients, and has good experience in mixing drinks and techniques used to mix drinks. Also, he can create new and innovative drinks regularly. Someone who is good at all these things is called a “Mixologist”. 

A mixologist is a person who is an expert at mixing drinks and creating cocktails. He can easily create amazing cocktails and can craft new cocktails by mixing drinks and ingredients. 

What’s the Common Difference Between a Bartender and a Mixologist?

Sometimes people get confused with Bartenders and Mixologists. Some people know a cocktail expert as a bartender, Also, mixology and bartending are often used interchangeably. But there is a huge difference between both terms and their required skill set. 

Mixology is a skill, that requires creativity and great knowledge of mixing drinks and ingredients and creating new and amazing cocktails for bars, restaurants and mobile bars.

Bartending is a lot different from mixology, a good bartender generally works at a great cocktail bar and can create classic cocktails and interacts directly with the customers like a restaurant server. 

Bartenders can work quickly and have great customer service habits, They can also manage crowds efficiently and can keep up during rush. 

Is mixology used for mobile cocktail bars?

While Mixology is a lot different than bartending, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge in creating and mixing drinks. Mixologists can work in a variety of restaurants and bars and can also own their own bars. Nowadays, many expert mixologists are opening their own bars. The quality of cocktails depends of the mobile bar company’s standards and

Unlike bartenders, Mixologists can create new and amazing cocktail recipes regularly, they have great knowledge of ingredients and different types of flavours . 

They can craft new and creative infusions and cocktails. They use standard bar tools as well as some modern bar tools to create unique and creative cocktails. 

While bartenders have to create just classic cocktails, unlike them, mixologists have to keep up with the new industry trends. While Bartenders can work quickly and can manage the crowd easily, mixologists can also work behind the bar. Mixologists also work as head bartenders or bar managers the bar.

Mixologists can supervise bartenders and create amazing cocktails with new and creative elements. 

Mobile cocktails

Do you need qualifications to become a mixologists and run mobile bars?

To become a mixologist to hire, you should have a good knowledge of the history and evolution of cocktails, and also keep up with the new industry trends and what’s popular in the industry.

While bartenders can work in regular bars and create classic cocktails, mixologists can also work as a consultant. They can work as a cocktail consultant and provide consultation to clients about creating new and amazing cocktail menus for their events, or they can provide consultation to the restaurants and bars to create the best cocktail menus for their restaurants and bars. To run a mobile bar you will also require a bar license.

Bartenders also have to maintain a record of stock, they have to keep a balance cash register and bar stock register to keep the record of bar stock and balance cash. And they also need good skills in accounting to maintain the register correctly and prevent errors. 

Wrapping Up!

So this was a quick guide about what a cocktail expert is called. And a quick comparison between mixologists and bartenders. So in a nutshell, A cocktail expert is called a mixologist, and you will find bartenders are a bit different than mixologists, they often work in bars and can create classic cocktails and also have good customer service skills, and can handle rush efficiently. 

On the other side, Mixologists have great knowledge of the history of cocktails and experience in creating new and creative cocktails and they have to keep up with the new trends in the industry. They can also provide consultation to restaurants and bars to create the best cocktail menu for them. 

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