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The Queen’s Favourite Tipple

The Queen’s Favourite Tipple

It is only natural that people will be curious about what the royals like to drink. The truth is that they are just like us, and they enjoy regular drinks the same way. If you’re interested in learning what the Queen likes to drink so you can order it next time you hire a mobile cocktail bar, read on below! Impress your visitors the next time you get mobile bar hire London by asking them to add this to their list of drinks.

Drinks are among the top things to consider when celebrating something. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or what have you. But just like us, the royal family also likes cracking open a cold one during occasions, or even when they just want to unwind after an especially stressful day.

Reports say that the Queen enjoys different drinks. As a former chef, she knows her stuff and satisfies her thirst with what she truly enjoys. Some may guess that her favourite drink is a martini or a sweet German wine. But it has been confirmed that it’s gin and Dubonnet.

Much like the previous queens before Her Majesty, the royals have a penchant for a good drink. But the current Queen, as a result of her former profession, reveals how she would like to enjoy it.

The Queen says that her favourite drink is made from two parts Dubonnet and one part gin, served with two ice cubes and a lemon slice. She also said that she does frequently enjoy it.

This formula was verified by former royal chef Darren McGrady. He also dispelled rumours that the Queen would often drink four cocktails a day and nothing more; according to McGrady, the Queen would be “pickled” if she really drank that much. The Dubonnet and gin concoction is described as being sweet, made from fortified wine blended with herbs, quinine, and spices. 

Other members of the royal family also have their own favourite drinks. Prince Charles is said to be a fan of a crisp gin and tonic or Scotch whisky. He likes it so much that he produces his own brand.

Duchess Camilla, meanwhile, says that her drink of choice would be red wine, so much so that she became the president of the UK’s Vineyard Association in 2011. She said that her father was in the wine business, so she was brought up drinking wine and water.

Prince William enjoys a simple pint. But during his years at St Andrews University in Scotland, he did sambuca shots and a cocktail named “Treasure Chest”.

If you’re planning an event, then hiring a mobile cocktail bar that can make these drinks for your guests can be a great way to add a bit of flair to any party. 

Drinking Trends for 2022

As the year goes on and lockdown restrictions ease up once more, people are slowly starting to socialise with their communities again. There are also new drinking trends this 2022 that are taking the UK by storm.

Some popular drinks this year are vegan wines, fermented drinks, mushroom beers, and bergamot mixers. These experimental flavours are a result of the British palate maturing, according to top liquor brands.

There is more to be expected from artichoke leaf mixers, truffled umami sours, to pu-erh tea sodas, which are popping up in menus all over the country. Certain herbs and mushrooms have health benefits, which is why many health-conscious people are looking to try them out for themselves.

In a few years, it is expected that drinks with extra health benefits are going to be in demand. It is the natural next step to no- or low-alcohol options.

People are coming to pubs to order these healthier alternatives, not just because they’re enjoyable, but because these types of drinks make people feel good. A growing minority is also looking to advocate savoury drinks. These have interesting flavours that can serve as alternatives to sweet cocktails and mixers.

There is potential for these types of drinks, but currently, they are still consumed by only a small percentage of drinkers. Manufacturers of drinks are still waiting for the momentum to pick up before they fully disclose other flavours.

Burdock root spritzers and black garlic syrups are now available to the public. These are full of antioxidants and are said to be good for the heart. Mushroom beer Fungtn claims to be the first alcohol-free beer that’s brewed with adaptogenic mushrooms. The manufacturers say that it doesn’t taste like mushrooms and will not just leave you hangover-free; it will also contribute to the overall wellness of your mind and body.

Most pubs do not receive orders for these types of drinks as of yet, but they are not discounting the possibility for them in the future. New drinks appear each year, and it may still be a long while before the tried-and-true favourites are replaced.

Young people are not just running after new flavours. They are also looking for environmentally aware drinks, which get their ingredients from sustainable sources. This is why it is to be expected that unusual beverages will continue to show up in mobile bar cocktail menus, being enjoyed by many different people.

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Your Mobile Bar Partner

A party without drinks is just a meeting. Nobody wants to have a meeting when you’re celebrating, right? This is why you should get reliable mobile bar hire in London to energise the party and get the drinks flowing. 

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