Award-Winning Catering Service

Award-Winning Catering Service

Bespoke Cocktail Experience

Bespoke Cocktail Experience

Shake Up Your Next Party With A Mobile Cocktail Bar


Everyone loves the experience of going out with friends and colleagues for the night. The colourful lights, fun music, good company, and drinks a plenty. But what if you could have all of that in the comfort of your own home or garden?

When organising a party there are so many things to consider, from the decorations and the presents to the guest list and food. However, one area that is essential to loosening up the attendees and giving them an evening to remember is of course the choices of drinks on offer.

You might resort to buying some cheap bottles from the supermarket and arranging them on the table with some mixers, however for a memorable event that is sure to bring the party full swing, why not push the boat out and opt for an amazing mobile bar hire london


Top Benefits of Hiring Spin and Shake

Here at Spin and Shake, we know just how much delight can be brought to a party setting with the addition of one of our cocktail bars. Just take a look at a handful of the reasons to hire a mobile cocktail bar:

  • We arrive on time with a fully stocked bar, ready to serve your guests any drink they like
  • Our professional mixologists will attend, dressed sharply and ready to get the party started
  • A wide choice of cocktails available to your guests, from classics to modern concoctions
  • A completely hassle-free way to take care of a major part of your party
  • Shows your guests you’re dedicated and have gone the extra mile to give them a good time
  • A bar quickly becomes a point of interest and discussion at a party
  • Create a personalised and customised list of the cocktails you wish to feature on your menu
  • Your guests will be amazed as cocktails are spun, shaken and thrown in front of their eyes
  • No clearing up afterwards as our team will take care of all the used empty glasses 
  • More affordable than you think, after considering all the separate alcohol you’d have to buy
  • Our flair bartenders are a form of entertainment with their cool tricks, style and panache
  • Choose what kind of bar you’d like, including an LED light-up bar for added extravagance
  • We can set up anywhere you like such as in your living room or in the garden 

How To Hire Us For Your Next Party

We make the whole process super simple from the moment you get in touch with us, so no matter who you are or what kind of party you plan on having, we are there to guide you through everything. In our many years of operation, we have catered for hundreds of parties and always receive amazingly positive feedback from the hosts and the guests too. 

It really is like nothing else you can bring to your party, and when you see your family, friends and colleagues with a fancy drink in their hand bursting with flavour and colour, you’ll know you made the right decision to hire a drink service near you for your next big party!

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