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Great Theme Party Ideas with a Mobile Cocktail Bar


Hiring a cocktail bar is a popular choice for weddings and other important events but have you considered using a mobile cocktail bar as part of a themed event? We’ve shared some party theme ideas that are perfect for mobile cocktail bar hire, leaving your guests impressed with your efforts! Check out our ideas now!

Art Deco-Inspired Evening

Art deco theme nights are a popular choice with a dazzling costumers, glitzy decorations and fun music choices. There are a number of traditional cocktails that are perfect for a themed night like this, including an, Old Fashioned, French 75, Tom Collins or the iconic Gin Fizz. When planning your event, you can choose to host a US-themed Gatsby evening or go more for a British flappers theme instead. No matter what you choose, your cocktail mobile bar hire will be at the centre of the festivities, getting everyone in the party mood!

Peaky Blinders Parties

When you start searching for ‘mobile cocktail bar hire near me’, you will notice that services like ours work hard to provide authentic options that you and your guests will enjoy. For a Peaky Blinders evening, your signature drinks should certainly include whisky and gin and can take the name of the characters from the programme to make them feel more authentic. Get your guests to dress up in Peaky Blinders inspired outfits and enjoy an evening of fun and intrigue with themed games and prizes.

007 Theme Nights

Black tie and glamour is the key to a successful Bond evening along with sumptuous food choices and dramatic music. You can also think about setting up a casino area for people to enjoy and set yo your mobile bar hire service to provide martinis on arrival to thrill your guests as they step inside. To add to the spirit of the evening, you can also consider investing in 007 themed decorations and entertainment to give everyone an evening to remember.

Tom Cruise’s Cocktail

No cocktail theme party is complete until you have a Cocktail inspired evening with prizes for the most iconic Cocktail-inspired outfit. Your mobile bar hire company will be able to provide you with cocktail experts that will wow your guests with cocktail mixology and leave them all wanting more. You can also recreate the electric Hippy Hippy Shakes scene with all your guests, making sure that everyone has the time of their life.

Finding a Mobile Cocktail Bar Near Me

If you are looking to hire a mobile bar hire in London, Spin & Shake is the ideal choice and will ensure that your drinks are perfectly poured all night long. We offer a wide range of options for your party including themed and signature cocktails as well as an extensive menu of options that you can pick from. Reach out to our team to find out how we can help you to achieve the theme night of your dreams and start planning your next event right away.

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