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Do I Need a Licence For a Mobile Bar UK?

Many bartenders wanting to open their own mobile bar company, frequently ask “Do I need a licence for a mobile bar”? The  answer is yes! Serving or selling drinks from a mobile bar in UK requires the business owner to have a Premises License and also apply for a Temporary Events Notice (TEN).

What equipment is needed to get a mobile bar company stated?

You will need the following items/equipment to get started.

  • Mobile Bar ( can be an LED bar or a Portable Flair Station )
  • Glassware
  • Racks for the glassware
  • Trolleys to carry all the equipment
  • Bar tools
  • Extension for the LED lights of the bar
  • Cocktail menu holder
  • Medium sized van to carry the bar and the equipment
  • A storage/warehouse to store all the alcohol
  • Premises Licence

mobile bar

What is a mobile bar?

A mobile bar is a fully stocked bar the can be brought to any locations. Usually a mixologist is included in the mobile cocktail bar packages to make the drinks, which is the most important aspect of a pop up bar hire. A mobile cocktail bar is extremely important for weddings, corporate events and private events. After reading all those information, you must be thinking – how much is a bar license in UK? It usually starts from £2000 + VAT but can be a little more if you wish to have a company to do all the application process for you.

Do I need a premises license to sell alcohol from a mobile cocktail bar?

The mixologist serving the alcohol from a mobile bar must have a personal license. You can apply for a course and then take an exam which is fairly simple. A premises license is required a previously mentioned, which will have to be applied from the local council and located from the address where you are storing the alcohol. The purchase of the alcohol is done online from the premises where the license is registered, the alcohol will be delivered from your team and served to the guests.

What else is needed for a mobile bar?

To legally run a mobile bar business, a public liability insurance PLI is a must especially when dealing with corporate clients. We get our insurance from Simply Business and they offer great packages and services to get the mobile bar covered against incidents.

A Risk Assessment will have to be created and reviewed to make sure you are ready to have all the documents in case your clients ask.

Is it easy to apply for a mobile bar license?

For us applying for a liqueur license has been pretty difficult to get sorted with through the local council directly. You can get help from GloubeUs Training, they offer all kind of services when it comes to alcohol licenses.

Running a bar business can be very challenging and you need to be prepared with all legal documents and the right equipment if you want to be successful.


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