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Everything You Need to Know About Having a Cash Bar at Your Wedding

Wedding Bar Hire

When it comes to wedding planning, one topic that often sparks debate is whether to have an open bar, a cash bar, or something in between. The decision to opt for a cash bar can be a sensible choice for various reasons. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of cash bar etiquette and offer advice on how to make it a seamless and enjoyable experience for both the couple and their guests.

What is Cash Bars A cash bar?

Simply put, is a setup where guests are required to pay for their drinks. While this might initially raise eyebrows, it’s essential to recognise that there are valid reasons couples choose this option. Whether it’s budget constraints or a desire for a more intimate celebration, a cash bar can be a practical solution. A cash bar is where you pay an initial fee of £500 and then agree on a minimum spend with the mobile cocktail bar company based on many factors such as number of guests and hours of service.

Usually a cash bar will include everything you can think of such as alcohol, mixers, glassware, ice, mobile bar, etc. Everything is often provided by the wedding bar hire company. Get in touch for a quick quote.

Communicating Clearly ( during the invitation process )

The key to successfully implementing a mobile bar hire London is transparent communication. Make sure your guests are aware of the arrangement well in advance. Include this information on your wedding invitations or create a wedding website where you can detail the bar setup. By setting expectations early, you allow guests to come prepared and avoid any potential surprises.

Some people might think is a cheap solution, but this is not always the case. Weddings are very expensive and an Open Bar can be very costly. Depending on the style of the wedding, the cash bar can be a great solution.

Providing Options

To strike a balance, consider offering a limited selection of complimentary drinks. This could include a welcome drink, soft beverages, or a toast. Providing a few complimentary options helps create a gracious atmosphere while still allowing guests to choose additional beverages from the cash bar if they desire. Speak with the bar company to get a pre-paid bar package with set number of drinks available for your guests, followed by a cash bar.

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Offering Alternatives

For guests who might be disappointed with the cash bar concept, consider providing alternatives. You could organise a coffee station, a dessert bar, or even a signature non-alcoholic mocktail station. This way, everyone, regardless of their drink preferences, can find something enjoyable. If you speak with the food catering company, you could agree on having prosecco and wines supplied by them on the table for your guests, so they don’t have to purchase drinks at the bar if they don’t want to. Please note : this might effect the cash bar agreement with the bar company such as increasing the minimum spend.

Expressing Gratitude Express your gratitude to your guests for celebrating your special day with you.

A simple acknowledgment of their presence and appreciation for their understanding of any unique choices you’ve made, including the cash bar, can go a long way in making everyone feel valued and welcomed.

Ultimately, the decision to have a cash bar at your wedding is a personal one. By approaching it with transparency, communication, and thoughtful alternatives, you can ensure that your guests have a wonderful time celebrating your union. Remember, it’s your day, and the most important thing is the love you share with your partner and the memories you create with your loved ones. Cheers to a fantastic wedding celebration!

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