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Hammersmith Event Bar Services

Looking for a mobile bar in Hammersmith? Spin and Shake has got you covered! We provide mobile bar services all around the area and we will be happy to help.

Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire Hammersmith offers first-rate mobile bar services throughout Hammersmith and the surrounding area. With our services, you can liven up your event for you and your guests by having your favourite drinks created right in front of you by skilled bartenders. What is the purpose of mobile bar service in Hammersmith? A mobile cocktail bar in Hammersmith can be hired to provide refreshments for your event, no matter where it is held.

Hiring a mobile cocktail bar is extremely convenient since it ensures that all your guests are provided freshly poured or mixed cocktails without worrying about catering to their needs throughout your event. You do not need to have a bar at your event location. Our mobile bar can be put up anywhere, from an open space to your living room, to provide a full bar experience whenever and wherever you choose.

How many guests you expect or how long your party will last makes no difference. When you hire a mobile bar, you can take the party anywhere.

How to Book Our Mobile Bar Hire in Hammersmith for Your Event

As a company that provides mobile bar hiring services, we can provide you with a bar, a bartender, and all the drinks and supplies you need, no matter where your event is. It only takes three simple actions to bring that fun and unique touch to any gathering.

Whether a large or small gathering, every event demands meticulous organization, especially if it’s a special occasion. We understand how exceptional even the most mundane occurrences can be. That is why we want to learn more about it. This is why you may require the assistance of a catering food and drink company. We also know you’ll want to know how much it will cost you, as effective budgeting is an essential element of preparing for any event.

Tell us about your event, how many people you intend to attend, and the types of drinks you want. Tell us about your venue and the kind of setup you’re looking for, and we’ll create a custom event bar hire package for you. We strive to provide the most affordable rates for your requested service.

We want to provide the most satisfactory service possible, so please organise your event ahead of time. However, we are also highly adaptable, so if you require bartenders on short notice, please contact us, and our team of specialists will do all possible to accommodate you.

1. Describe your event to us

2. Schedule your event ​

You can book your event with us so that we can reserve the appropriate date and time for you after we have a clear understanding of your event concept and what you’re looking for. As previously stated, if you can make your booking as early as possible, it does help us come prepared and ensures everything runs successfully on the day.

We welcome any inquiries or unique demands, whether this is your first time hiring a mobile bar or your hundredth. We strive to provide services that are individualized to your needs and preferences and are always attentive to inquiries.

Nothing is left for you to do but wait for the event day once you’ve reserved our mobile bar hire in Hammersmith! We’ll arrive on time and prepared with everything you asked for.

We want you to enjoy your event as much as possible, so if you learn of any changes or have any additional requests, please let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll do everything we can to comply.

We’ll make sure we come up with the ideal package for you, whether you need a mobile bar for a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event, or any other gathering. A skilled bartender can be hired for as little as £250 for three hours. We provide several drink packages and may tailor our services to your needs.

3. Relax and Take a Drink

Have an interesting event idea?

Get in touch with us and convert your plans into an amazing event.

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Professional bartenders

Bartenders and barmen do more than merely pour beverages. They may assist create the tone of the celebration by changing any space into a lively bar. Whether you're hosting a little celebration in your home or renting out a large venue to entertain a large group of people, our bartenders will make your pop-up bar the talk of the town.

Fantastic beverages

When you seek a mobile bar for hire online and contact our business, we realize you want appealing, dynamic bartenders and drinks to keep your guests interested during the event. That is why our bar menu includes a wide range of beverages. Our bartenders know how to produce the most popular drinks and a few unique combinations that you and your guests will love.

Experience with many types of events

When you search for a mobile bar for hire online and contact our company, we understand you want attractive, lively bartenders and drinks to keep your guests interested during the event. As a result, our bar menu offers a diverse selection of beverages. Our bartenders can make the most popular beverages and a few unique combinations that you and your guests will enjoy.

Outstanding client service

We ensure you have all the help you need from the moment you email us your initial inquiry until your party is over. We don't simply show up with a mobile bar. We provide full-service, first-class customer service that handles the beverage side completely, so you don't have to think about it while organizing and executing your event. You may expect us to answer all your questions and do our best to satisfy any requests that fall within our purview.

Why Hire a Mobile Bar in Hammersmith?

Call Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire Hammersmith if you need to hire a mobile cocktail bar in the Hammersmith region. Here are some of the reasons why we are the finest choice for your next event:

Our employees and services at Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire Hammersmith are more than your average pop-up bar service.

As a reliable party bar for hire, we know how to keep your guests pleased. Spin and Shake can cater to the needs of any event, whether it is a family gathering, a school reunion, a birthday party, a workplace outing, or any other type of celebration or event.

Call us at +44 2034883704 to discuss what we can offer you at your next event.

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How to Hire a Bartender and Rent a Mobile Bar for Your Party

Keeping your guests’ drinks full is a necessary skill for any successful host or hostess, and it can be more complex than you think. While it’s a lot of fun to play bartender for your friends, especially if you want to serve a variety of cocktails, it keeps you busy and may cause you to lose out on what’s going on at your party. What if you’re throwing a large party at a different location and want to impress your guests? Many people have begun hiring licensed bartenders and a pop-up indoor or outdoor bar to keep the drinks flowing at events.

There are several approaches you might take depending on the nature of the event and your budget. A full-service bartending organization, which often provides a selection of solutions to match your unique demands and budget, is the most excellent option for optimal convenience. If you’re looking for ‘outdoor bar hiring near me,’ a full-service company will provide not just the bartenders but also all mixing and serving equipment, such as coolers and drink mixers. Some even provide the alcohol and clean up afterward. You only need to book the venue and invite your guests.

You could consider renting the personnel if you only need a mobile bar for a wedding or other event and have a limited budget. You would then be responsible for providing the mixing and serving equipment and the alcohol. Although you may be asked to tip the bartender, it will still be less expensive than full-service catering.

The Most Important Skills a Bartender Should Have

Before you Google “mobile bar hire near me,” you should first learn about a bartender’s abilities. When hiring a bartender, look for the following qualities:

Cocktail Suppliers

1. Ability to multitask

Multitasking makes everything more efficient and ensures that your guests are happy. Bartenders must be able to multitask successfully because they must accomplish many different jobs at once to ensure that everyone at your party is satisfied. A bartender, for example, may need to run credit cards for one customer while preparing a drink for another.

Social Skills Icon

2. Social Abilities

Because bartenders must continuously deal with their customers, solid interpersonal skills are essential. When speaking with visitors who purchase beverages from the portable bar, your bartender must be professional and use clear and respectful language.

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3. Ability to Remain Calm in the Face of Adversity

Mobile bar services in Hammersmith can get very busy sometimes, and the bartender is naturally at the center of it all. As a result, a bartender must be able to maintain their calm in stressful situations. You should hire a mobile cocktail bar for your next event for numerous reasons. Spin and Shake provides customized services to meet the needs of your event, so please visit our homepage for more details.

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