Mobile Bar Hire

Mobile Bartendering

Our mobile bar hire service is an exclusive service that we offer to our valuable customers for those perfect night. We at Spin and Shake are always working together to make your celebrations more lively. Adding a mobile bartending we can convert any place of your choice into a perfect little bar. Be it kitchen , lounge or your favorite house corner, our staff can turn them into that perfect bar. Additionally, you also get to see our professional mixologists and bartenders at work and doing what they are best at.
With our Mobile Bar Hire service you can hire our experts and enjoy a lively club night at your own place. And, you also get to enjoy some mind-blowing and delicious cocktails.

mobile bar


Do you want a garden club for your next party but worried about moving all that furniture outside?
Worry no more because we have got you covered.
With our mobile bar hire services, we will be able to set up a bar in more abstract areas. Above all, with our fully functional bar there’s no need to drag all those tables outside. Our professionally trained staff can set up a customized bar in any of your favorite corner without any hassle.

Mobile Bar Service

With our mobile bartending hire we can transform any place into your own customized club. That means , you can have a perfect club party wherever you like . Also, with our mobile bartenders you can enjoy some exciting cocktails made by expert mixologist just they way you like.
So, try our mobile bar service and enjoy delicious cocktails and some cool flair skills fo an incredible night. And all these, at your very own place.

mobile bar
mobile bar

Mobile Bar Hire

At Spin and Shake we always work with specialists to produce our professional equipment’s. We ensure that the equipment’s used by our barmen, bartender and mixologist are carefully chosen and are always the best.
We always aim to develop the best workstations and upgrade them to ensure that they perfectly suit our professional barmen.


The Carmen Workstation is the station model produced and designed by Non-Solo Flair. For over 15 years, this station is known for being the best selling in Europe. Known for its best quality stainless steel, Carmen provides the best workstations and counters for cocktails. Undoubtedly, these stations are the preferred choice of hundreds of professionals giving them the comfort to work with great satisfaction.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Carmen Workstation is a perfect workplace for every professional bartender and mixologist. These workstations come with all-inclusive and absolute setup that has everything that you need to make those perfect cocktails. Its 150 cm wide steel plate has enough space to accommodate the need of every demanding barman. Ice cubes, crushed ice , ice spheres, fruit juice bottles, fruit purees, syrups, spirits, liqueurs, bitters, glasses and equipment’s. This workstation has space for all these and even more so that you can work with ease and comfort.

More options

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Careman Cocktail station

A workstation suited perfectly for barmen, bartender and professional mixologist made entirely of stainless steel.
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Anger Cocktail Station

A perfect station for your bar that is convenient and easy to use. This handy workstation comes with a great set up the allows the bartender to work faster.
cocktail station

Cocktail Station For Bars

A great cocktail station perfect for those party catering . It also includes speed rails and ice wells to make your events more exciting.

cocktail station

Mobile Bar For Caterings

Our Mobile Bars also comes with great cocktail stations to help you with your catering plans. Handy, light, and convenient to carry around , these stations are perfect for your every garden party.


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