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Why Should A Bartender FreePour?

Bartender using the freepour tecnique

Why Should A Bartender FreePour?

To be or not to be? To jigger or to free-pour? Two of the most important questions of this world. But why should a bartender freepour in the bartending world? And why is this such a heated debate in the cocktail industry? Surely a bartender could just use a jigger and be perfectly precise with their measurements.

There are a lot of reasons why a bartender would use the free pouring technique. Not only is it faster and more efficient than using a jigger, but it also looks better! Isn’t it impressive when you see a bartender hire throwing up two bottles and pouring a perfect amount into a shaker? Therefore, you can expect the perfect cocktail with the correct measurements.

When did bartenders start to freepour?

Free pouring has always been the more common use for pouring seeing as jiggering only came around in the past two decades. When obscure recipes from the 19th century came to the surface in the bartending world, bartenders needed a new method of measuring out different ratios which were not common in the modern cocktail world. So, free pouring has always been more popular, yet why is jiggering preferred by so many?

You see, free pouring is an art and a science which not everyone can master. It is not something you can just explain to someone in one minute. Yet, jiggering can be done by almost anyone and you can also flair with it, but you have more freedom to flair by free pouring

Which Pour Spouts is the best?

In all bars around the world, you will be able to find speed pourers and jet pourers (commonly known as juice pourers). Most alcohols use speed pourers as you are working with much smaller quantities than that of your juices.

For example, a Screwdriver only has 40ml of vodka which you would pour in first, ice up, and then fill with orange juice. If you were to use a speed pourer on a juice, you would spend a lot more time awkwardly standing around waiting for your drinks to fill up. This is when the argument of speed and efficiency comes into play and proves how freepour is much more effective than using a jigger.

In the world of cocktails and bartending, flair bartender hire is a huge part of the atmosphere and ambiance mixologist hire create. With free pouring, bartenders are able to experiment and not be too tied down to the limitations of jiggering. If you hire a bartender with Spin and Shake, we will be using the Tom Dyer pour spouts which are some of the best on the market.

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