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The Difference Between American And English Bartenders


The Distinction between American and English Bartenders

Welcome to our insightful exploration of the fascinating world of bartending, where we unravel the captivating differences between American and English bartenders. Embark on a journey with us as we uncover the nuances and unique qualities that set these two bartending traditions apart.

A Cultural Tapestry

Bartending, beyond the realm of simply mixing drinks, weaves a tapestry of cultural expression. In the United States, bartending shines as a vibrant and dynamic profession that embraces innovation and creativity. American bartenders are renowned for their flair and showmanship, captivating patrons with visually stunning cocktail presentations that are as much a feast for the eyes as for the palate.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in England, bartending boasts a rich history that spans centuries. Rooted in tradition, English bartenders exude an air of refined elegance and professionalism. With an unwavering commitment to time-honoured techniques and classic cocktail recipes, they prioritise precision and sophistication, ensuring that every drink is crafted to absolute perfection. Especially in London, bartenders are more often called “Mixologists”. As having a lot of experiences in hiring mixologists in London, I can say that mixologists is the most used words in England.

Terminology: Barman vs. Bartender

We did cover a topic of the difference between a bartender and a mixologist, but here is a different story.

A subtle yet distinct contrast between American and English bartenders lies in the terminology used to address them. In Britain, the affectionate term “barman” is commonly employed to refer to a male bartender, while their female counterparts are often lovingly referred to as “barmaids.” These traditional designations evoke a sense of nostalgia, harking back to an era where personal connections were deeply valued in the realm of mixology.

Across the pond, in the United States, the term “bartender” reigns supreme, irrespective of gender. This reflects an egalitarian approach to the profession, emphasising equality and inclusivity within the industry. American bartenders proudly wear the mantle of “bartender” as a symbol of their expertise and dedication to the craft.

English Bartender

Craftsmanship Elevated

When it comes to the art of cocktail craftsmanship, both American and English bartenders demonstrate exceptional skill and expertise. However, their approaches to this craft bear subtle yet defining distinctions, ultimately resulting in distinct flavours and experiences.

American bartenders are renowned for their relentless pursuit of innovation. They fearlessly push the boundaries of mixology, continuously experimenting with fresh ingredients, unique flavour combinations, and creative garnishes. Embracing the spirit of invention, they have spearheaded the craft cocktail movement in America, where bartenders are celebrated as visionary taste architects.

English bartenders, equally adept at embracing innovation, hold a deep reverence for tradition. They adhere meticulously to classic recipes, often sourcing rare and exquisite ingredients to create authentic cocktails that pay homage to the rich heritage of mixology. Each sip transports patrons on a journey through time, where the flavours of the past intertwine harmoniously with the present.


English bartenders rarely get any tips from the guests, while American bartenders will get a 20% tip from each guest. This is a massive difference that must be highlighted as this is the first thing the will come to my mind when thinking about the difference between American and English Bartenders.


Bartenders in London, make an average of 30k per year being a “mixologist”. American bartenders can take home $80k – 100k per year which is absolutely crazy.


In London, bars and pubs have introduced the service charge, where the bartender hire london get a share of the tips from every tables. This is not quite the same but with the shortages of bartenders now, owners had to implement this tips scheme.

The distinction between American and English bartenders extends beyond their craft to the establishments they grace and the unique ambiances they curate. In the United States, vibrant cocktail bars with trendy decor and lively music take centre stage. American bartenders thrive in these energetic environments, showcasing their skills amidst a bustling crowd of enthusiastic patrons. The experience is an intoxicating blend of sensory delight and the contagious energy of a lively social scene.

In England, the ambiance of a traditional pub sets the stage for the artistry of English bartenders. These historic establishments exude warmth and charm, boasting cozy interiors and a convivial atmosphere. English bartenders excel at creating a relaxed and welcoming space, where patrons can savour their expertly crafted libations in the company of good friends or indulge in quiet contemplation. The pub becomes a haven, where time slows down and cherished traditions are perpetuated.

A Harmonious Fusion

While American and English bartenders may embody distinct styles, it is important to recognise that these styles are not mutually exclusive. The beauty of the bartending world lies in the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques that transcends borders.

Modern bartenders, irrespective of their geographical origins, often merge elements of both American exuberance and English refinement, forging a harmonious fusion. This blend of styles elevates the craft to new heights, resulting in an ever-evolving landscape of mixology that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. It is within this fusion that the true magic of bartending unfolds, where tradition and innovation dance in perfect harmony. American bartending style is still used here in England on venues such as T.G.I Fridays, and English style bartending is used a bit everywhere in the world.

In conclusion, the distinction between American and English bartenders is a testament to the rich diversity within the realm of mixology. American bartenders embody innovation and exuberance, while English bartenders personify tradition and refinement. Each tradition brings its own unique charm and allure to the art of bartending, ensuring that patrons around the world are treated to an array of captivating flavours and experiences. So whether you find yourself in an American cocktail bar or an English pub, prepare to be enchanted by the expertly crafted libations served by these remarkable bartenders.

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