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Essential Bar Tools For Bartenders

Barman pouring a bottle into a drink

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the world of home bartending, having the right tools is crucial. In this practical guide, we’ll walk you through the must-have gear to ensure your home bar is well-equipped for shaking, stirring, and serving up your favourite libations.

Bartending is not just about pouring drinks; it’s about crafting experiences and exploring the art of mixology, this is why it’s very important to choose quality bar tools that will ensure your service is fast and your work comfortably behind the bar. A great bartender or cocktail maker usually is very picky about which bar equipment to pick for their cocktail journey, but let’s see what the most important equipment is.

  1. Shaker Set: Let’s put it like this, you can’t make cocktails without a cocktail shaker. The cornerstone of any bar, a reliable shaker set is your ticket to mastering the art of cocktail creation. Opt for a stainless steel ensemble, complete with a shaker, strainer, and jigger. This trio will become your go-to for whipping up both classic concoctions and innovative drinks born from your imagination.

cocktail shaker

  1. Bar Spoon: Don’t underestimate the importance of a bar spoon. Its elongated handle and twisted design make it an unsung hero, ideal for precise stirring and layering of ingredients. A seemingly small addition that makes a significant impact on your drink-making finesse.

bar spoon

  1. Muddler: For those who appreciate the aromatic notes of muddled herbs or fruits in their cocktails, a muddler is indispensable. Choose a robust one with a textured end to extract flavours with ease.


  1. Jigger: Precision is key in mixology, and a good jigger ensures you achieve the perfect pour every time. Look for a double-sided jigger with different measurement markings to cater to a variety of recipes.

cocktail jigger

  1. Strainer: No one wants unwanted ice chunks or bits in their drinks. Enter the strainer – a vital tool for achieving a smooth, filtered finish to your creations. A Hawthorne strainer is a wise choice for its functionality and ease of use.

cocktail strainer

  1. Citrus Juicer: Elevate your cocktails with the freshness of hand-squeezed juice. A handheld citrus juicer is a practical and straightforward addition to your toolkit, making sure you extract every drop of flavour from lemons, limes, or oranges.
  2. Ice Bucket and Tongs: Keep your ice at the ready in style with an elegant ice bucket. Paired with tongs, this duo not only adds a touch of sophistication to your setup but also ensures a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing experience.
  3. Pour Spouts / Metal Pourers: In order to freepour, you will require pour spouts to ensure you can properly count the dose poured in the cocktails. Without these, the only way would be to pour using a jigger, but this can slow the service a lot and could also make you spill a bit more if you try and rush.

pour spouts

  1. Bottle Opener: An often-overlooked hero, a reliable bottle opener is a fundamental tool for any home bar. Opt for a sturdy, user-friendly design to effortlessly open beer or other bottled beverages.
  2. Glassware: Complete your setup with a selection of glassware to suit different drink preferences. From highball and rocks glasses to martini glasses, having the right vessels ensures you’re prepared for any cocktail occasion.

Armed with these essential tools, your home bar is ready to become the hub of tasteful tippling, where creativity meets craftsmanship.

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