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6 Essential Of Grappa

Grappa wine and grapes on the side

6 Essential Of Grappa

An acquired taste, and a highly misunderstood subject, Grappa, is one challenging drink to approach the guests. There is a huge chance one sips it after their long meal in the Italian restaurant and did not just get intrigued or overwhelmed, or sometimes even both.

As we know, the spirit goes quite misunderstood, creating one super intense and burning sensation. However, in reality, as of today, the same is getting the proper spotlight. The reason behind this is the distillers. It provides quite a fresh way and ensures the customers to have the right taste and feel.

Italian Winemakers, this is where Grappa drink originated from. These winemakers were quite keen on using the fruits and going a bit further. After the fermentation process gets completed, the stalks and the stem from the pomace gets removed too. The pomace gets distilled in the continuous/pot stills to get ready most boutique products. Once done, the spirit gets aged in the wood/rested in the glass before it gets bottled up.

Most of the Grappas are clear, but they have a great hue, coloured dark golden. This completely resembles the XO Cognac/malt Whisky for the Oak-aged Grappas. The conversions of Grappas are numerous. It is even more than cynical observers might get to imagine. Even for the imported Italian Grappa, it is getting better. Any person who is trying the high-end grappa wine for the first time, they can expect it to be a mix of bit harsh, raw spirit. All of it will result in quite a revelation at the end.

Essentials Of Grappa – Know before you enjoy:

Knowing about a drink before trying it is always helpful. The below-mentioned six essentials will help one cover it all, to enjoy and appreciate it better.

Grappa nonnino

What is Grappa Made from?

So, if one’s question is what is Grappa made from, one must know, in its making, the pomace aka, the seeds, skins, and the stems which are leftover from the process of winemaking, get used. It does sound like; Grappa is made from the wine scraps but in actuality, it isn’t. It is one of the traditions from exemplarily Italian thrifts; as it is said, none should waste anything. In the words of, Chef and owner of Portland’s Nostrana, Chef Cathy Whims, one must use everything given to them.

So, it can be said that this spirit is quite a version of the nose-to-tail cooking that generally happens in the world of meats. Some people do think that pomace is a waste of winemaking. However, they should know that from grape, the skin is the best part as it contains the flavour and aroma. Using it is one right decision.

Why Grappa is Italy’s Healthy Water:

Grappa is known to be the digestif. In Italy, they call it healthy water. Using it at the end of every rich meal helps a person relax and digest the food intake, said Francesco Panella, the Antica Pesa restaurant owner located at Williamsburg, Rome, and Brooklyn. In the words of Myint, the beauty of this drink is that it has the right aroma and the neutral spirit, together with some great digestif qualities. It makes it quite suitable for consumption.

One can, not just drink Grappa straight, but they can even get a little extra creative, sidestep with its arguable aggressive bit. They can even use it in making cocktails or during cooking, or even alongside the espresso. Either way, it has excellent digestif qualities, and one can use it throughout the meal.

Grappa and Alcohol by Volume (ABV):

The ABV in Grappa (35% to 60%) is higher than the wine (average ABV herein is 12%). It is not of the same class as that of the wine. It is much boozier with a high ABV for selling it. In some of the Grappa, ABV clocks to around 37.5%, and Vodka, Tequila, and Rum have 40%.

Grappa wine barrique glass

Cocktails have Grappa as an essential:-

Most of the cocktails, as of today, use Grappa. It has become an essential part of it. Some even say that it should be placed in the cocktails, just like all other spirits used for making the cocktail. There are many flavours, to begin with, and to try the taste with. One can try to soak the figs in the Grappa just for a few days, and they will be able to have an instant drink for after-dinner. Even in America, the bartenders are incorporating the usage of Grappa in the cocktails.

The use of Grappa therein is too getting quite popular. For them, it is a great concept, especially for the digestif as it does rounds out the complete meal experience and provides a better choice for the after-drink or alongside. One can use this drink as an excellent excuse for having that one night out. Have it with friends and family, enjoying time and drinks, is one promised thing.

Fall in love with Grappa with every taste-

As per Chef Whims, Grappa, from the start, has been having its moment. Anyone who tries Grappa either falls in love with it instantly or starts to like it with every consumption and taste they have. It makes people excited. It also makes them embrace it, as it is one great aid for digestion and cleansing the palate when the meal ends. In the United States, Grappa has a massive market as it is being used highly in the mixing category. This is how it made it to the cocktails and the rum and the tequila too.

The spirits quality got improved, and so drinking, it became quite different. Apart from this, the bartender’s community also were greatly influenced by the use of Grappa. Probably this is why Grappa today has a great hold up against some of the well-known categories of Spirits.

Grappa Glasses with different types of grappa aged poured in

Grappa glass – Key to the right drink

One must know, the Grappa glass is the key. To have the right drink, it needs to be tall and narrow at the same time, with a slight wide opening at the top. The opening allows one to enjoy the aroma by the person consuming it. In a way, Grappa can be called potent flavoured alcohol. In the world of Grappa, there does not exist any DOC protection system, like in the world of wine. So, guaranteeing quality doesn’t exist herein.

Most Grappa drinkers prefer the drink at room temperature, but note, it can create a burning sensation. This is why keeping the glass filled with 1/3rd or less will help keep the vapours further away from the drinker’s nose.

Grappa brands you should try-

Jacopo Poli – Luce della Vite Grappa

Nonino Grappa – I Vigneti Monovitigno

Borgo Antico – Chardonnay Barricata


By all means, Grappa is one drink all get to try. If not, one will really miss upon something so great in the world of alcohol. Mix it with the cocktail or enjoy it just with the natural flavour; it is one incredible deal, before or after food. It has outstanding qualities that one cannot deny. So, why wait? Go out and give this drink a try the next time when at the bar and have a great time with friends and family.

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