flair Bartender Hire

flair Bartender Hire

We make hiring a flair bartender in London as easy as anything! UK flair bartenders can bring life to any wedding, party or even by providing live entertainment while serving amazing cocktails, or non-alcoholic mocktails. We only hire the best flair bartenders in the world to ensure you receive the best cocktail show. We are confided that our flair bartender hire service will make your party a special one.

flair Mixologist

Not only our flair bartenders can put on a great show, but they also make exquisite cocktails that will make you wanna have more and more. What makes our flair bartender hire special, are the amazing team of flair mixologists that we have working with us have over 15 years of experience working in bars and competing in the the best flair competitions in the world. Flair bartender is the key ingredients to your party, and will impress all your guest with some of the coolest tricks with bottles and shakers while making you all your cocktails and making sure everyone has a great time.

Our flair bartender hire service can be used if you need to shoot a promo video and you would like your flair barman to make the cocktails while performing all the flair tricks to make the video looking super awesome. If you are planning a party and you would like to book a flair bartender then you are in the right place. Are you a manager who is bored of the usual bar service and would like all your team to learn some working flair to impress the guests? Well our flair bartender are also trainers and can teach any bartender how to flair.

Check Out Some of the Best Flair Bartender Moves in Action

Bryan Levato

As well as being one of the best flair bartenders around the UK, Bryan is also the co-founder of Spin and Shake and the top 6 finalists of the roadhouse grand final 2019. With his flair skills and attention to detail, he will make your cocktail party to another level.

Michael Moreni

This guy is by far one of the best flair bartender in the world. His crowd interaction and his multi objects moves will blow your mind. When you hire a flair bartender with us you can request Michael to be the bartender for your party. He also took 3rd place in the roadhouse world final 2019.