Cocktail Bar For Corporate Events

Mobile Cocktail Bar For Corporate Events

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate your team’s hard work this year, consider booking a Mobile Bar Hire. A full service mobile bar will provide all of those favourite cocktails without fail and ensure that every guest has an awesome time!

Mobile cocktail bar for corporate events

Let Us Plan This For You!

Your office party is a big deal and you want it to be unique, professional but most importantly fun. That’s why at Spin And Shake Mobile Bar Hire London we go the extra mile for all your requests so that no matter what theme or style you decide on in advance of time there will always something perfect fit just right!.
We’re committed too giving each client their own fantastic memories with our creative yet still efficient service!

Celebration Bar Hire

You can’t go wrong with a party that’s been thrown by us! Mobile Bar hire has become incredibly popular in recent years, and we’re proud to be able offer this service. Whether you want an indoor location for work events or outdoor space at your daughter’s wedding – whether it is simply branding on top of our bespoke cocktails (with logo customization available) – there really isn’t anything too big or small when considering how much fun everyone will have because they’ll remember who sponsored them long after the night ends

Mobile bar for office event

Premium Cocktails Delivered To Your Office

Planning a corporate event can be stressful enough without the added worry of providing drinks and entertainment for your team. Spin and Shake Mobile Bar Hire London London uses only high-quality ingredients to make our cocktails, so that everyone will enjoy their time at the party! Hiring us means no more worrying about what kind you want – we’ve got them all covered from light wines or tequila shots right through dark alcohols such as red wine plus beer buckets full’d up with exactly how YOU like it.

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