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Martini Cocktail Recipe

Pornstar martini cocktail with a shot of prosecco on the side

Martini Cocktail Recipe

If the attractive and confident name is not enough, the taste, flavour, and look will surely suffice. Originating in London in the 2000s, Douglas Ankrash former owner of the Lab cocktail bar in London is undoubtedly the “star” today as this mix is now a leading choice in the United Kingdom. Easy to make, this passionfruit cocktail is surely the show-stealer if you are planning a party with your friend.

The sweet taste, bursting with enchanting essence and provocative yellow colour of this fruity vodka with a pinch of vanilla flavour and sugar syrup, served with sparkling wine, is the perfect treat for your sweet tooth! Also, thanks to the tarty taste of tropical passion fruit that makes the cocktail a modern legend!

Although this cocktail is very popular and available in containers in any leading liquor store, the process of making the cocktail from scratch is an outstanding experience for all cocktail lovers. You will not surely get enough options for the main ingredients for this Martini recipe, but you can quickly try some alternatives according to your taste.

A quick view at the Recipe

  • Preparation Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Serving: 1 serving with one big shot of sparkling wine


  • 50ml Vanilla Vodka
  • 25ml Passion Fruit Liquor
  • 25ml Passion Fruit Puree
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar or ½ ounce vanilla simple syrup
  • Half of fresh passion fruit
  • Sparkling wine/Prosecco served in a shot glass

Start preparing:

First, put two martini glasses in the freezer. Cut a fresh passion fruit and scrape out the pulp and seeds from it. You can either strain the juice first and add it to other ingredients. Otherwise, you can directly add the pulp to the cocktail shaker.

Preparation tip: How to make the passion fruit puree?

As passion fruit puree is available in the market, you can surely buy a bottle and store it. But it can not be stored for a long time and has to be consumed in a bit of time. We suggest you create the authentic taste of the martini cocktail by extracting the juice directly from the fresh fruit.

  • Cut the fruit into two halves, bring out the seeds and pulp, and mix them into the blender for about 2 minutes.
  • Strain out the juice through a fine sieve. Shuffle with a spoon or spatula to bring much juice out of it.
  • Refrigerate the extra juice for storage.

Pro tip: 1 big passion fruit gives 1 tablespoon of juice and 2 tablespoons of pulp. The fruits with a bit of wrinkled skin are sweeter than the others. Or you can also store the fruits for a couple of days.

Mix well

Put all the ingredients together, the passion fruit puree, fruit liquor, vanilla vodka, vanilla sugar, into the cocktail shaker. Fill the shaker with a handful of ice and shake well to mix all the ingredients.

Bartender garnishing a pornstar martini

Pro tips:

  • You can surely skip vanilla vodka and use a flavourless one if you like.
  • You can also very well make the vanilla syrup by boiling sugar and water with some drops of vanilla extract until the sugar comes into even consistency.
  • As vanilla is a very strong essence, only mix one or two drops to get the overpowering smell of passion fruit.
  • If you like the tarty taste much, squeeze and add some fresh lime juice to add an extra twist. This is also very handy if you are using market-brought passion fruit puree. They come with a considerable amount of concentrated sugar.

Serve Fresh

Once you have mixed all the ingredients, strain the cocktail with a cocktail strainer into the chilled coup glasses. Serve with a glass full of sparkling wine beside. Don’t forget to add two halves of fresh passion fruit as a garnish on top of the glass. Rim the glass with lime flesh or passion fruit. A rim of salt is also a good option. Serve fresh!

Serving Tips:

  • If you use passion fruit pulp directly, then make sure to strain the seeds well.
  • According to the authentic recipe, you are supposed to take a sip from each glass of wine and martini each time to give your tastebuds the relaxing lull with the sharp taste of passion fruit. You can even replace wine with Prosecco.
  • First, take a scoop from the fresh passion fruit, sip the prosecco and relax with the cocktail in hand.
  • If you are serving the cocktail to a party of friends, order a Martini tree online. It is one of the best ways to serve the bright yellow cocktail. Don’t forget to click an Instagram shot before you sip and enjoy.

Few Nutritional goals:

  • The alcohol contents of the refreshing cocktail put into the taste and flavour of the strong taste of passion fruit. It prevents Blood Alcohol Concentration. The main ingredients are the non-alcoholic fruit liquor, which is one of the “low-proof” martinis.
  • A full coupe glass of this Martini cocktail has 224 grams of calories, including 16 grams of sugar calories. So, if you are a diabetic patient or simply don’t like the sweetness much, add a little more passion fruit liquor. You can taste the cocktail and add some lemon juice if needed. Garnishing with lemon sprinkles is also not a bad idea!
  • Yes, you read it right: it has zero carbs, and you can enjoy the delicious drink without any worry about weight gain.
  • You can control the alcohol concentration in the drink according to your wish. You can simply skip the vodka and customize it with passion fruit liquor and cloudy apple juice to make a virgin drink. Follow the same steps for preparation. Keep alcohol-free sparkling wine on the side.

The refreshing drink is our all-time favourite. The passion fruit enhances the nutritional value of the drink and decreases the intoxication or other harmful effects. So, get yourself up with a martini cocktail at your next house party to get the title of cocktail-queen.

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