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Can you mix Gin and Coke?

If you’ve got a bottle of gin in the cupboard, what’s the first mixer you think to pair it with? Probably tonic water, right? But what if I told you there’s another great, easy to make cocktail you can mix yourself in less than 2 minutes? You probably have all the ingredients you need as well, so no need to go searching through the supermarket for ingredients that are difficult to come by or expensive. This cocktail is super simple – Gin and Coke!

Time to Try a Gin and Coke!

Much less requested than the more traditional Rum and Coke, and Gin and Coke could be the perfect summer drink. It’s got the citrusy, fruity flavours that remind you of a tropical island, and something a little zingy to brighten up even the sunniest of long summer days.

Gin and Coke – Our Recipe!

Getting just the right combination of floral gin with sweet coke makes this cocktail really sing. An extra addition that works really well is a dash of lime juice. We all know how well lime and coke go together, and the lime works really well with the gin in this cocktail too! Without further ado, here is our recipe for the perfect Gin and Coke!


  • 50ml gin
  • 100ml coke
  • ¼ lime


1. Pour the gin into an ice-cold tumbler glass (keep a couple of ice cubes in if you like!)

2. Tip the glass slightly and pour the coke so that it hits the inside of the side of the glass first before mixing with the gin at the bottom of the glass. This will help to minimise the development of foam on the top of your drink, preventing any overflow!

3. Squeeze the ¼ lime through a sieve into your drink to prevent any unwanted seeds getting into your drink.

4. Stir gently a couple of times to incorporate the lime with the coke and gin.

5. Serve and enjoy!

2 well garnished gin and coke on a bar

The great thing about this cocktail is that you can make a really tasty drink using just a few fairly cheap ingredients. So, if you’ve got a bottle of gin sitting at the back your cupboard that isn’t your favourite, try it in this cocktail – coke is great for pairing with alcohols that you’d like to mask the flavour of a little! The botanical flavour will come through just the right amount, and pairs so wonderfully with the fruity coke and lime.

In fact, coke pairs really well with a number of different alcohols, due to its fruity, sweet flavour. The most commonly paired alcohol with coke is rum. The classic rum and coke is actually a variation on the classic Cuba Libre cocktail, which is made from coke, rum and lime juice, and dates back to the early 1900s. Thought to have been invented in Cuba, hence the name, its popularity quickly spread, first to the USA, and then globally!

Where did Gin and Coke originate?

The exact origin of the less well-known Gin and Coke is unknown, although some people think it may have originated in Spain, where gin is generally preferred over rum. The fruity cocktail gained popularity in Europe, and only recently spread to the rest of the world.

How is Gin made?

Gin is a spirit made from fermenting and distilling wheat, barley, potatoes, or grapes. The flavour of a traditional gin must predominantly come from juniper berries. The plant-based nature of gin makes it the perfect accompaniment to coke.

Juniper berries to make gin

How is Coke made?

Also known as cola, coke is a carbonated drink that is flavoured using a variety of flavours including citrus oils, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is a very sugary sweet beverage that is very popular all around the globe and is the mixer of choice for many people. Its strong and sweet flavour is great for calming down the burn of spirits such as rum, tequila, and whiskey.

More Coke based cocktails

There are other coke-based cocktails that are less well known even than Gin and Coke. Here are a few you could try:


This Spanish cocktail dates back the 1920s and was first invented in the Basque region of Spain.


  • 75ml Dry Red Wine (Good options are Rioja Tempranillo, Malbec, or Priorat)
  • 75ml Coke
  • Wedge of Lemon


1. Mix together the wine and coke in a glass with some ice cubes

2. Add the lemon wedge before serving


A twist on the more traditional Brandy and Coke, the Piscola is native to Chile.


  • 75ml Pisco
  • 75ml Coke
  • 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • Wedge of Lime


1. Pour the Pisco, coke and bitters into a glass filled with ice and mix gently.

2. Top with a wedge of lemon and serve.

Long Island Spiced Tea

A modern twist on the classic Long Island Iced Tea, this is a more complex cocktail that has a multitude of spirits tied together with coke.


  • Bacardi – 15ml
  • Dry Gin – 15ml
  •  Vodka – 15ml
  • Tequila – 15ml
  • Cointreau triple sec liqueur – 15ml
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice – 30ml
  • sugar syrup – 15ml
  • coke – 50ml


1. In a cocktail shaker, shake the Bacardi, Dry Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, and sugar syrup with ice.

2. Pour over ice in a glass and top up with coke.

Long island spiced tea with a lemon on top

As you can see, coke is a very versatile mixer. One of the reasons why it is such a good mixer is that it is an almost universally loved drink, mixing sugary sweetness with fruity flavours to create a unique taste. The bubbles fizz and seem to elevate the flavour, bringing a freshness to the drink that makes it work so well with spirits.

A Summer Favourite!

Gin and Coke is a great drink to serve at parties this summer – it embodies the warmth of the season. It will also probably be a new drink for most of your guests, who are most likely more familiar with a Cuba Libre, or pairing gin with tonic. Suggest they try a Gin and Coke and watch as they become pleasantly surprised by the combination. You may well end up introducing them to their new favourite cocktail, so be prepared to keep them coming! Make sure to have a good ice supply to keep everyone’s drinks cool. The ice-cold temperature makes the flavour of this drink extra fresh and refreshing for a hot summer’s day. You can also put glasses in the fridge before serving to ensure the drink stays colder for longer, emulating the luxury of a tropical retreat.

Adaptations of the classic Gin and Coke

You can try some adaptations on the more traditional “Cubata” style of Gin and Coke, which has a dash of lime, and swap the lime for a dash of orange juice, garnishing with a cinnamon stick, or choose a flavoured gin for a different taste. A great choice is cherry gin – everyone knows how well cherries and coke go together, and this cocktail is no exception. You can even mix yourself and gin-based version of a Cuba Libre by mixing white rum, gin, lime juice and a splash of aromatic bitters with coke.

With more unusual combinations such as Gin and Coke you are always going to come across gin snobs who say that it shouldn’t be paired with coke. They think that coke overpowers the gin, which usually has a very subtle, botanical flavour. This is why it is important to get the right balance of flavours, and why it is hard to get a good flavour with just gin and coke. You can try varying the ratio of gin to coke, but you will likely need to add one of the extra

ingredients we talked about earlier such as lime or orange. Alternatively, you can choose a flavoured gin to give you that flavour you’re after.

Make it kid-friendly!

Another great thing about a Gin and Coke is that you can easily hold the gin for a non-alcoholic version. Play around with the same flavours to create a unique, kid-friendly drink that will make them feel included. Make it low calorie by choosing a diet coke drink, which often has lower sugar content too, making it a healthier option.

So, next time you find yourself reaching for the tonic, think about reaching instead for the coke! You may surprise yourself! Remember that your first shot at mixing this cocktail may not provide you with the flavour you like best, so do try adapting the ratio of gin to coke until you find the flavour you like best. As gin is a fashionable drink at the moment, impress your friends by introducing them to this new combination of Gin and Coke. Easy and quick to make, it will quickly become one of your go-to drinks! Get ahead of the curve and revive this almost-forgotten drink with its foundation in early 1900s Spain. One thing’s for sure, once it is properly introduced to modern society it won’t fade away again!

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