Award-Winning Catering Service

Award-Winning Catering Service

Bespoke Cocktail Experience

Bespoke Cocktail Experience

Creating Your Own Signature Cocktail

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Are you hosting a party or an event and want to make it as special as possible? Why not find mixologists for hire and design your own signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy? We’ve got all the information you need to create a drink that will leave everyone impressed – check it out now.

Start By Deciding the Characteristics of Your Drink

Cocktail makers will tell you that all drinks have a specific profile, whether that is sweet, sour, bitter or even salty. What you have to do is decide which profile will work best for your event. Our advice is to pick a profile that you will enjoy, after all, you’re the host!

Choose Your Booze

Once you have picked out the profile for your signature cocktail, your next big decision is to select the alcohol that you want to incorporate. Vodka is a great choice when you want your drink to taste of something else but still be strong or you can choose gin, bourbon or rum if you want a drink that showcases the alcohol that is in it. Again, it’s wise to pick a spirit that you like as you’ll be the one promoting the signature cocktail all night.

Pick Your Other Flavours

Once you’ve decided the profile and the spirit, you can have fun choosing all the other flavours that you want to incorporate with the drink too. From herbs to mixers and syrups to creams, there is a solution to every desire. If you are not confident in picking the right flavours then hire mixologist services to help because they really know what they are doing!

Finish with a Garnish

The way a drink looks is an essential part of it being appealing to your guests, and that’s where the garnish comes in. Olives and fruit are always a great addition, as is a fun straw or mixer. You can even get bespoke garnishes that have been designed to match your party or event’s theme – but make sure you order enough to go around all night!

Signature Cocktails the Stress Free Way

If you love the idea of a signature cocktail but don’t have time to design and source the ingredients, then hiring a mixologist service could be the perfect answer. They will work with you to understand your event and then come up with a few different options that you can try before selecting the perfect cocktail for everyone to enjoy.

Let Spin and Shake Create Your Cocktails

If you are looking for a quality cocktail service for your next event then Spin and Shake is here for you. You can hire bartender services, get access to specialist mixologists and create a drinks menu that works for your budget and your guests. From setting up to cleaning down, we have a wide range of services that you can choose from. Get in touch with the Spin and Shake team to share your needs and find out how we can help them become a reality – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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