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Five Reasons to Rent a 360 photo booth

Innovative and latest 360 photo booth is becoming popular these days. The users of this service can easily share their photos and videos immediately. The clicked photos can be shared online with the guests or friends through social media profiles or pages.

Instant sharing of the photos can make the event popular and increase its engagement as well. By doing so, the users can enhance their viewers of nest planned event. These days the events that are attended by the attendees get more popularity than those that are marketed by marketing tactics. If you will install or rent a 360 photo booth then you can organize any event successfully.


Let us understand and explore what is 360 photo booths and why you should rent the service?

What is a 360 Photo Booth?

Social 360 degree or 360 photo booth is emerging as an innovative and revolutionary way to organize and host events. To make the event successful you should know some of the greatest ways to make it more engaging.

The 3D photo booth does not look like an ordinary booth in the event. The booth instead looks like a decorative item that can attract every guest. When someone rents a 360 photo booth then his guests can click their selfies and shoot their videos creatively by changing the backgrounds.

  1. Quick Share

Quick or instant photo share is one of the most imperative reasons to choose it for the event. The promptness and innovation are the key factors to rent a 360 photo booth. The guests can click and share their videos and pics instantly on social media or other platforms. Well, the quick sharing feature indeed can popularize the event as well.

  1. A Décor Item for the Event

The 360 photo booth can look like an attractive décor item during the event. The setup of the booth is customized as per the event’s theme. Unlike conventional booths that usually look like a box, these 360 photo booths can be the center of attraction of the event. Even the guests will love the concept and themes. They would like to click their photos and shoot their videos on the booth. You can also place it close to the bar, where you can have a nice cocktail.

  1. Guests as Celebrity

If you want to make your guests feel like a celebrity then you should rent a 360 photo booth. The camera spinning wheel of the booth can capture the pics of your guests from every angle. The users or guests can strike different poses to get attention. In a 360 photo booth, you do not need to set up multiple cameras to cast the limelight.

Conventional cameras can click the photos only from one angle, while the cameras of the photo booth can click from all possible angles. Even the rotational camera can give a 3-dimensional picture instantly without moving it.

    1. All-in-One Setup

A photo booth is not just a booth for the event to click the photos. It can give the guests an all-around experience. The futuristic companies evolved the photo booth to offer an all-in-one setup to the companies. The guests of the event can click portraits, selfies, or shoot videos of their choice.

The booth has the feature to capture slow-motion clicks as well. The animated gifs are generated by the cameras through only a click or a single image. The booth can create an attractive and happy environment at the event. By this, your guests can create long-lasting memories.

    1. Either Buy, Hire or Rent your 360 Photo Booth

You can decide how you should go for the photo booth for the event. The booths can either be bought and you can also rent it. If you will hire the service then you do not need to be worried about its installation and operation. While, if you will buy it then you will have to take care of every aspect of the booth by yourself.

Final Words

The 360 booth comes with customization options. Several features are provided with the booth that includes instant printouts, additional large slideshow, green screen video backgrounds, seamless backdrop, and many more. You can rent a 360 photo booth if you want to make your memorable.

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